Famous Alchemists

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More Information!The Aspiring Adept: On the Transmutation of Robert Boyle
by Lawrence Principe

Hardcover - 340 pages (1998)
Princeton Univ Pr; ISBN: 069101678X 

More Information!The Alchemical Works of Geber
by Jabir Ibn Hayyan

Hardcover - 320 pages  (1994)
Samuel Weiser; ISBN: 0877288119 


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More Information!The Hieroglyphic Monad
by Dr. John Dee

Paperback (2001) ISBN 157863203X



More Information!John Dee's Conversations with Angels: Cabala, Alchemy, and the End of Nature
by Deborah Harkness

Hardcover - 252 pages (1999)
Cambridge Univ Press; ISBN: 052162228X 


More Information!Count Saint Germain: The New Age Prophet Who Lives Forever
by Arthur Crockett, Timothy Green Beckley

Paperback - 128 pages (1994)
Inner Light Pubns; ISBN: 0938294679



More Information!Most Holy Trinosophia
by Comte De Saint-Germain

Hardcover - 221 pages 6th edition (1999)
Philosophical Research Society; ISBN: 0893144177 


More Information!Saint Germain on Alchemy: Formulas for Self-Transformation
by Saint German (channeled work)

Paperback - 506 pages ( 1988)
Unknown; ISBN: 0916766683 



More Information!Praxis Spagyrica Philosophica Or Plain and Honest Directions on How to Make the Stone
by Frater Albertus

Hardcover - 144 pages (1998)
Samuel Weiser; ISBN: 0877288925


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